Dear english speaking singers,

Welcome to the international „SingYeah“ singing school. My Complete Vocal Technique training is and has been in english and I am teaching in english as well as in german. So don´t hesitate to contact me via email or telephone!

Singing makes us happy!

We all need inspiration and joy in our lives and we need to express ourselves. Singing is a wonderful tool to make us happy, make others happy, lighten up our souls and be in good company.

An important aim in my teaching is to enable the singer to sing from the heart and soul and become better by getting to know the anatomy of the larynx, the support muscles, the way these things work together and how the natural expression makes it all happen.
I teach Complete Vocal Technique and see myself as being a servant of the singer, or an assisting technician, who can assist singers in solving difficult tasks of a musical or technical nature.

The voice is not as complicated to use as many people think. It is an instrument that everybody owns and uses every day. Of course it requires practice to sing well or even professionally.

Singing techniques are mostly about removing uncontrolled constriction to allow the voice to work unhindered. For more information about the CVT method please open the following link: www.completevocal.institut

Let´s sing!

In my singing school I offer:

  • Intensiv Solo Vocal Coaching
  • Working in small groups
  • CVT Seminars
  • Workshops

What you can learn:

  • The CVT singing method
  • Stage presence
  • Improvisation
  • Interpretation
  • Improve your speaking voice
  • Effects like Ornamentation, Distortion etc.
  • Get ready for Casting shows, wedding songs, Karaoke nights, any kind of singing performance by singing on our „SingYeah“ stage.

Additional benefits:

Concerts on the beautiful „SingYeah“ stage
The possibilty to make videos and social media content

The „SingYeah“ singing school is located in the heart of Frankfurt/Bornheim at the Bergerstrasse, a very lively part of the city with a lot of cafes, restaurants, shops and a weekly market. You can reach us by bus, metro and tram.

Sing Yeah Stefanie Hoevel, Saalburgstr. 17, 60385 Frankfurt am Main
Please call me or write an email:
Tel 0172 9161527

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